Amber Ridge Condos

The amber glow as the sun rises and sets and set up on the ridge in Warriors Mark West, Amber Ridge are home sites that enjoy unobstructed views.  Located on the inside loop of White Cloud Drive, Amber Ridge is made up of duplex homes and single-family residences. These residences are nestled in the forest and Peak 10 is the prominent snow capped peak that decorates the horizon.     

Built in 1980, Amber Ridge is a great location if you like to get to town or ski home.  It is a short drive to downtown Breckenridge and the Breckenridge free shuttle services the lower part of Warriors Mark West, at the bottom of White Cloud Road.  You can ski home via the runs off Peak 10.  It is a downhill ski to the lifts at the base of Peak 9.  The ski home is not for beginner skiers, but offers a challenge.

The homes for sale in Amber Ridge are combination of six duplex homes and seven single family homes, making up 15 residences.  Amber Ridge Condos are also located on Amber Ridge.  They were built in the 1990’s and are filed separately, technically making up their own subdivision. 

The homes in Amber Ridge are in ‘unincorporated Summit County’.  Being in town limits, the Amber Ridge town homes for sale are subject to transfer tax, but the perks include voting in city elections, paying lower utility costs and discounted rec-center membership fees. 


We'd love to help you find the perfect condo in the Amber Ridge. Please don't hesitate to contact Andrew for more information, or call (970) 453-2200 for assistance.