The International Snow Sculpture Championships wrapped up on Friday with another awe-inspiring display of art in the heart of Breckenridge. Team Wisconsin, competing for their 8th time, secured Gold with their sculpture “The Digital Divide” – one robot and one human hand meeting on a wall of binary code.

Artists worked around the clock often through subzero temperatures last week to bring their sculptures to life.

The event is one of my favorites… a small town in the Colorado mountains showcasing larger than life world-class winter art.

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The Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championships kicked off with a BANG (a miniature cannon) in the Riverwalk parking lot - right behind our office - today!

Twelve teams from six countries compete by carving 12-foot-tall, 25-ton monoliths of snow into breathtaking sculptures using ONLY hand tools. The work is exhausting, and the end results are amazing! Artists this year have travelled from Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Mexico. Additionally, six U.S. teams will showcase their art at this year’s event. The athletic artists will carve all week until the whistle blows at 9am on Friday, January 28 and judging commences. Many of the sculptors will work through the night on Thursday to meet the deadline.

The massive sculptures will stand for just a…

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After a bit of a sluggish start to the ski season, winter conditions have improved tremendously and as of yesterday Peaks 6-10 are now ALL open! The Imperial Express SuperChair (the highest lift in North America) loaded passengers Sunday for the first time this year and the Falcon SuperChair on Peak 10 opened yesterday. Both openings thrilled skiers and riders with loads of soft powder under blue bird skies.

Breck now has 73% of its terrain open with the lifts running from 8:30am – 4pm daily. They have reported 136 inches of snow so far this season and currently have a base of 48 inches. Not bad for early January!

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