Water Wells

There are three main reasons to test your water. The only way to identify the presence of contaminated groundwater is through testing.
  • To ensure safe drinking water;
  • To evaluate the need for treatment, and;
  • To select an appropriate treatment device.
You should test your water for bacteria and nitrates at least once a year. Before purchasing a home, another advisable test to insure that you have adequate water is a well pump test showing how many gallons per minute the well pumps and the recovery rate of your well.

Contact these well water inspectors for testing:
Blue River Home Inspections (Roger Hollenbeck), 970.389.7006 Blue Valley Water Specialists, 303.567.4128

Breckenridge well permits are recorded with the Colorado Division of Water Resources, 303.866.3447. To obtain information on a water well and forms, visit the Colorado Division of Water Resources website (hyperlink to http://www.water.state.co.us). The buyer in a residential real estate transaction that includes the transfer of a registered/permitted well must complete a Notice of Change of Owner Name/Address Form with the Colorado Division of Water Resources prior to or at closing. The Title Company handling the closing will usually provide the Notice of Change form that the buyer signs and mails to the Colorado Division. If the subject well is not of record with the Colorado Division of Water Resources (no well permit), an application to register must be completed by the buyer in lieu of a Notice of Change of Owner Form.

For more information contact the Summit County Environmental Health Department, 970.668.4070