Best Time to Sell

When is the best time to sell your property in Breckenridge, Summit and Park County?
The general trend as far as activity goes for sales has been fairly consistent for many
years. The short answer is statistically that summer and fall months are when we see a majority of
our real estate transactions.  70% of property sells in this period.

The typical real estate search pattern goes like this: vacationers visit the local ski areas
of Breckenridge Ski Resort, Copper Mountain Resort, Keystone Ski Resort and A-Basin
during the months of November through April. During their stay many people become
excited about the skiing and snowboarding, the weather, the beauty of Colorado and the
Rocky Mountains and the feeling they get when they have their family and friends
together enjoying all of this at the same time. The ski vacation can be action-packed
allowing little time to devote to the idea of looking a little closer at our real estate market.
Many guests leave town with the plan of returning in the spring or summer to enjoy what
the mountains have to offer during a new season with a plan to learn more about our
real estate market. With a slower pace to their vacation, these vacationers have the
time to become buyers. If you are a seller, you should strongly consider getting your
property on the market by June and certainly no later than July 1 to best expose your
property during the peak-buying season.

Having said all of the above, some properties can be leveraged to sell in the winter months.
Often the inventory levels will decline a bit before the ski season begins especially for ski properties,
your property the benefit of less competition from other sellers.  Also for ski properties,
winter is the time that Buyers are in town and urge to buy could be quite strong at that time.